Walking Barefoot


During a holiday in 2008 in Lusaka I started this project with the help of Vasco Severino. Together we made a plan to have children from the Fountain of Hope shelter, and others still living on the streets of Lusaka, to act out scenes of events they often experienced, meanwhile teaching them basic camera and acting skills. We made it into a short film and constructed the scenes into a short story of a boy looking for a pair of shoes, one of the most valued possessions for children living on the street. During his search he encounters friendship, abuse and temptations of drugs and theft. We gave the story a strong moral so Vasco can use it in his work at the youth centre. Running through the back alleys of Lusaka with a camera and a huge group of street children was a pretty hectic experience. A year later I went back and we had a viewing of the film at the centre.


A King and a Queen